Profile ceilings

Lautex Profile Ceilings are manufactured with air gaps for the adjustment of the amount of air passing through the suspended ceiling. The large variety of shapes of Lautex profiles and many alternative finishing methods provide a variety of different interiors. Profile ceilings are also easy to open. The most common uses include ceilings in public spaces such as stairways, promenades, restaurants and theatres.

The features of profile ceilings:

  • Profiles are available in widths 30–300 mm, heights 20–57 mm.
  • Made of aluminium or steel
  • Certified in fire resistance class C,
  • Profiles can be perforated for acoustic or air conditioning purposes
  • Acoustic filling by felt or wool encapsulated in plastic
  • Suspension systems, edge mouldings, lighting fixtures and service hatches are available for all profile types (look at the product pages, page 2).
  • Profile ceilings can be painted in colours according to all well-knowncolour charts.
  • Alternative surface treatment methods include anodising or graining.
  • The ceilings are easy to clean.
  • Custom solutions are also possible.