B-0 and B-15 fire rated ceilings

Lautex fire rated ceilings are closed ceiling structures with the airspace above the suspended ceiling totally encapsulated. Panel ceilings of classes B-0 and B-15 are always made of steel and insulated with fire-resistant wool.

Fire rated ceilings are used in applications were a specific fire resistance is required. For example, in cabins and working platforms.

Lautex fire rated ceilings fulfil IMO standards for fire safety. Products have type approval (EC MED / Lloyds Register of Shipping) and they fulfil standards both in Europe and internationally.

Panel properties:

  • panel widths 50–300 mm
  • made of steel
  • certified in fire resistance classes C, B-0 and B-15
  • fire ceilings are filled with fire resistant wool
  • all panel types are designed with suspension systems, edge mouldings, loudspeakers and air conditioning panels, as well as service hatches
  • the products can be painted in colours from all well-known colour charts.
  • the ceilings are dust-proof and easy to clean.