Grating ceilings

All of the airspace above a Lautex suspended ceiling can be utilised. Openings for exhaust and supply air, as well as anemostats and sprinklers can be concealed above the grating ceiling. Gratings with large loops provide an inexpensive method for improving interiors. Gratings installed in T-suspension systems are easy to open, thus facilitating service and maintenance work. Lighting fixtures and other materials can also be installed in the same suspension system.

The features of grating ceilings:

  • Module sizes 600 x 600 mm, 600 x 1200 mm. Optional sizes are available.
  • Cell size 25 x 25 mm – 200 x 200 mm Optional sizes are available.
  • Height according to cell size 25–100 mm
  • Made of aluminium.
  • Suspension systems, edge mouldings and lighting fixtures are available for all grid types.
  • The products can be painted in colours chosen from allwell-known colour charts.
  • Suface finishing can also be by anodising, standard colours LTX-108 mirror silver and LTX-109 mirror gold
  • The ceilings are easy to clean.
  • Tailored solutions are also possible