Aesthetic, fireproof and light, Lautex ceilings are especially suitable for the shipbuilding industry. The most common materials used in the construction of Lautex ceilings are aluminium and steel. Lautex suspended ceilings are certified in fire resistance classes C, B-0 and B-15, thus meeting the requirements of the official authorities. All our products have succesfully passed the smoke and toxicity tests and they have low flame-spread characteristics.

Outfitting in the shipbuilding industry is often characterised by the customers' special wishes. Standard Lautex products are supplemented by tailored special products and decorative ceiling constructions, such as balks and domes. The wide variety of Lautex decorative profiles can be used for front surfaces. Lautex provides comprehensive services to meet all the customers' needs, ranging from technical advice to deliveries of large ceiling projects.

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Lautex products

  • Are incombustible and non-toxic
  • Are light
  • Are hygienic and easy to clean
  • Can be opened
  • Are certified in fire resistance classes C, B-0 and B-15
  • Have excellent acoustic properties
  • Can be coated by using a variety of methods
  • Form complete entities
  • Can be applied to meet the customer's wishes