Panel ceilings

The airspace above a suspended Lautex panel ceiling is totally encapsulated. The suspended ceiling is a closed construction and consequently, dust cannot collect above the ceiling. Particularly airtight constructions are required in the ceilings of kitchens and hospitals, as well as in the food industry and other hygienic premises. Lautex Siliprofil, sealed panel ceilings are best suited for these purposes. Technical equipment installed above the suspended ceiling is covered by the panels and consequently, the intermediate floors that remain concealed will need no surface finishing.

The features of panel ceilings:

  • Panel widths 50–300 mm.
  • Made of aluminium or steel.
  • The panels can be perforated for acoustic or air conditioning purposes.
  • Acoustic filling by felt or wool encapsulated in plastic.
  • All panel types are designed with suspension systems, edge mouldings, loudspeaker and air conditioning panels, as well as service hatches.
  • The products can be painted in colours chosen from all well-known colour charts.
  • Alternative surface treatment methods include plastic coated steel and anodising.
  • The ceilings are dust-proof and easy to clean.
  • Custom built solutions are also possible.