Lautex cassette ceilings are built in modular-sized cassettes. The most common used size is 600 x 600 and 300 x 300 mm, but because Lautex uses the latest manufacturing technology, customers can choose almost any size of cassette. This makes it possible to manufacture, for example, cassettes for corridors in one piece. Furthermore, the cassettes can be perforated in accordance with the customer’s wishes. Ceilings made with T-suspension systems are particularly easy to open. During the building work, the ceilings can be kept open longer because the cassettes are quickly installed in a readymade suspension system. Lead-through holes can be made in the cassettes in the factory. Technical equipment installed above the suspended ceiling can be easily reached for service.

The features of cassettes:

  • Module size 300 x 300, 600 x 600 mm or optional
  • Made of aluminium or steel.
  • The cassettes can be perforated for acoustic or air conditioning purposes.
  • Acoustic filling by felt or wool encapsulated in plastic.
  • All cassette types are designed with suspension systems, edge mouldings, loudspeaker, air conditioning and lighting fixtures, as well as service hatches.
  • The products can be painted in colours chosen from all well-known colour charts.
  • Alternative surface treatment methods include anodising are available.
  • The ceilings are easy to clean.
  • Custom designed solutions are available.