Salvagnini Lean-bending technology as a production aid

Salvagnini Lean-bending technology as a production aid

Lautexin Salvagnini P4Lean-3216-taivutusautomaatti käytössä

In 2018, Salvagnini P4Lean-3216 automatic panel bender, was put into service at Lautex’s Nummela factory. The machine was the first in Finland and the largest in the Nordic countries. Salvagnini has enabled new geometrical opportunities for Lautex’s product design, and the machine has also sped up the manufacturing process.

“With Salvagnini, product lead times have sped up significantly. Approximately 600–800 panels are completed in eight hours. If the product has several bending edges, it would take four times as much time compared to Salvagnini when edging by hand. Savings are achieved in personnel costs and thanks to a more flexible work cycle,” says Ari Ågren, Lautex’s production director.

Maritime industry returning to normal 

“Due to the corona pandemic, ship repairs stopped like a wall and there were a lot of delays in delivery times. Little by little, we are getting back to the normal order base”, tells Ari Ågren.

At the moment, Lautex has orders for two different new ships in Turku. Ågren predicts that next year the production will continue to pick up, and more ship repair projects can also be expected. Ari Ågren continues by summing up little but important technical details:

Salvagnini is equipped with an HPT input and output table. The table of the bending panel can manufacture metal panels up to a maximum of 3,5 meter long and form bends of up to 3,2 meter high. Material thicknesses for processing with P4-Lean are up to 2 mm for steel, 1.5 mm for stainless steel and 2 mm for aluminum.”

Among other things, Salvagnini bends Lautex’s patented new generation of thin, self-supporting sandwich-panels. They open from the joint, and theri bending profile has demanding geometries after the off-set edge. The B-15 fire ceiling sandwich-panel is used in ship cabins. It is still an unknown product on the market, but Lautex has already delivered those to a few ships.

Read more about the durability of B-15 ceilings.

Let’s benefit from Salvagnini together!

There is also room for new customers. With Salvagnini, Lautex will be able to serve its customers even better as a subcontractor. The machine’s accuracy, speed and automatic correction adjustments raise the cost-effectiveness of manufacturing to a new level.

Contact us and let’s evaluate together how Salvagnini, combined with Lautex’s comprehensive manufacturing process, including surface treatment, could improve the competitiveness of your product manufacturing.

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