Welcome to Lautex, Eveliina!

Welcome to Lautex, Eveliina!

Eveliina Välimäki started working in Lautex’s shipbuilding sales in August and introduces herself here:

Hello, I’m Eveliina, 34 years old, and I live in Turku. I primarily work remotely from Turku, but I regularly visit the Nummela office and customers 😊.

Education and Career:

I began working at the age of 13 by selling ice cream at the Loimaa market. From Loimaa, I made my way to Helsinki, where I attended an English school for high school. When applying to a university of applied sciences, I ended up in Turku, where I studied to become a product development engineer in machine and production technology. I completed my thesis on automation solutions for bending operations for a Turku-based company and stayed on for production work after graduation. I started working at the shipyard in January 2013, and since then, I’ve worked in various roles in the shipbuilding industry, from designer to project manager.

Work at Lautex:

I work in sales, even though my title is project manager. With the new title, Lautex wants to emphasize the salesperson’s responsibility for sales from product delivery.

Lautex’s products are already well known in the shipyard industry because they have been used in many projects I previously led. I’m pleased that my previous work experience is beneficial in helping customers find suitable materials and installation methods, especially for those who are not familiar with our products. In addition to my prior work experience, I consider customer orientation and problem-solving skills to be my strengths. Although I received the most training during my orientation, I have been happy to share my professional knowledge with colleagues, for example, in USPH matters. I mainly serve customers in export projects, but you can contact me for any project-related matters.

Free Time:

I play American football for the Turku Trojans. Our women’s team has won three consecutive Finnish championships and we have eagerly started preparing for the 2024 season. In addition to playing, I am actively involved in the club and team activities. With the support of good clubmates, we have introduced flag football (a sister sport of American football) to Turku, and our next goal is to establish a girls’ American football team.

When I have time left after sports practice and gym sessions, I enjoy the tranquility of nature and long hiking trips in Finland’s lush forests. As a sports enthusiast, I enjoy following my brothers’ children’s sports journeys and their growth as athletes, and I do my best to support them in various tournaments and matches.

Photo: Roosa Vilkanen