Surface and colours

LAUTEX provide a versatile product range in combination with a wide range of surface finishing.

This flexibility gives the designers possibilities to create multiform, colourful and impressive ceilings with Lautex products.

LAUTEX Digital Coating! Possibility of transferring all kind of digital images not just onto, but actually into the surface of various areas. Including ceilings, walls, floors etc. (look at the picture beside)

LAUTEX Antibacterial Coating
The new coating is available in several different colors and also colorless. In metal surfaces the coating gives an efficient protection against different kinds of bacterium and impurity. Lautex antibacterial coating remains active even 10 years !

LAUTEX paint coatings can be applied according to all well-known colour charts and glosses. Examples from the colour charts we use are RAL, NCS, MC Nova etc.

As alternative to painted finishes, Lautex aluminium products can also be anodised with several different colour possibilities, in mirror or satin finishes.

Further, as alternative to painting, we can use PVC-foil coated steel as raw material for our products. The PVC-foils are available in several patterns and colours.

Furthermore LAUTEX can provide special decorative patterns to the ceilings by using special methods such as silkprint, water print, simulation painting, crac or drop painting etc. creating magnificent design features. Only your imagination is the limit.

For example when specified by the customer or architect, the products can be coated to imitate a real stone or wood surface by using simulation painting method.

Some Lautex products has been tested according to following tests:
1) Corrosion tolerance, 730 H neutral salt spray (ISO 7253), corresponds to Class C5-M.
2) Endurance of ultraviolet radiation 500 H (total time), QUV-A test (ASTM G154-00).

For more information about the wide range of surface treatment possibilities for Lautex products, please contact our sales department