Lautex acoustics ceilings

The acoustic performance of Lautex suspended metal ceilings can be improved, where needed, by perforationand by adding sound absorbing material like acoustic felt or mineral wool into the reverse side of the product.

LAUTEX has invested considerable effort into the development of metal ceilings having the best acoustic characteristics. Extensive acoustic tests have been carried out on LAUTEX products using various perforations and sound absorbing materials. The tests have been conducted according to European standards at the laboratories of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The test results prove conclusively that the acoustic metal ceilings of LAUTEX are perfectly suited for public spaces with high demands regarding acoustics. Such spaces are, for example, large offices, schools, public halls, swimming halls, cinemas, banks, shopping centres…

By choosing the right product from the wide LAUTEX product range proper state-of-the-art acoustic features can be tailored separately for individual spaces.

Please contact the technical sales support of LAUTEX to learn more about our acoustic panels and products.