Hygienic metal ceilings of Lautex

Lautex has developed a special panel ceiling system, which is perfectly suitable for spaces that require extremely hygienic conditions. Such spaces are for example: hospitals, laboratories, institutional kitchens, food preparation areas or other special clinical environments.

By using the LAUTEX Siliprofil ceiling system a hermetic ceiling structure is obtainable. Siliprofil ceiling is easy cleanable, hygienic and durable. The panel seams contain soft silicon sealing, which is also used in the joint profiles of panels and in the edge profiles, and which guarantees the hygienic integrity of the ceiling. This kind of ceiling withstands the toughest pressure washing and at the same time prevents spreading of dust or other possible particles from the technical space above the ceiling into the room space under the ceiling.

By using Lautex antibacterial coating one can reach a clinically hygienic ceiling to destroy most common bacterium living in hospitals. The coating is available to all most common colors and it is suitable to be used with all Lautex ceiling products. By combining antibacterial coating to Lautex silicon panel ceiling extremely good hygienical properties will be reached.

Also other types of LAUTEX ceilings are easy cleanable and hygienic and thus make a clean room air obtainable.