Free “rain-fall” air conditioning in metal ceilings

A smooth and comfortable air flow supply is obtainable to a whole room, together with an aesthetically uniform and harmonic metal ceiling, without disturbing air conditioning units or diffusers, by using a “rain-fall” air flow through the entire ceiling. This can easily be achieved by using LAUTEX ceilings together with properly dimensioned air gaps or suitable perforation in the ceiling surface.

By using standard profile ceilings or gratings of LAUTEX, free rain-fall ventilation will be automatically obtained by means of the air gaps which are a natural part of the construction of these ceilings, without any need for special construction.

By using standard closed-type LAUTEX K-type panels or J-type cassettes (tiles), “rain-fall” ventilation can be arranged by means of air gaps in-between the panels or cassettes. This will require special types of suspension carriers, which are manufactured by LAUTEX as per separate order and as per the individual need.

Alternatively, instead of air-gaps, smooth rainfall airflow can be organized by complete or partial perforation of the ceiling surface. In order to get an optimal airflow we recommend to use min. 3,5 mm hole size for the perforation.

In a closed UP-type panel ceiling, where air-gap is not technically possible, the “rain-fall” airflow is obtainable by use ofperforation in the bottom of the groove/shadow-gap of the panel .

If you want to know more about “rain-fall” ventilation together with LAUTEX ceilings, please contact the technical sales support of LAUTEX.