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The Lautex engineering service

We plan and develop different kinds of suspended ceiling solutions according to the needs of our customers both for construction and shipbuilding industry.

Our experienced and professional design engineers use AutoCAD and Pro/Engineer programs in order to ensure efficient and exact production.

Our goal is to create ceiling solutions which are feasible to manufacture and easy to install, but without compromising with the aesthetic and visual aspects of the final product.

In this way we ensure the economic efficiency of all our deliveries. Making the right choice of material is essential to guarantee the quality of the final product.

Upon separate request on project bases, we can provide a design package of complete ceilings including detailed solutions and instructions for installation as well as complete specifications and material take-out lists.

The Lautex product

Powder coating underwent modernization

Powder coating represents an important part of our production. Because we make fittings for interiors, the coating must be of very high quality. We realise about 400 miscellaneous shades and surface textures per year for our clients, all along from genuine wooden coatings. We work with all known paint systems and levels of brightness. Our top technology powder coating plant was put into service in the autumn of 2005.

We are able to work with large dimensions, units of up to 7 metres. Along with the modernization, we will also upgrade our wet coating plant, pre-treatment washing processes, flushings and the drying. Pre-treatments satisfy the tight European quality criteria.


Lautex production and machinery is designed to manufacture the most demanding thin sheet products. The co-operation between the CAM programming in the primary production and the CAD programming in the planning guarantees the best quality thin sheet blanks.

Our versatile machinery gives us the possibility to manufacture many different kinds of products. The metal band processing, sheet metal machining, rolling etc. thin sheet production, assembly and finishing, guarantee the perfect result to our customers. We work with raw material thickness between 0,4 mm- 3 mm, both with steel and aluminium products.

Packaging and transportation

We deliver our products both to Finland and abroad. It is important that the products are packed in the right way so that they remain undamaged during the stocking and transportation.

The method and terms of transport will be agreed separately with the customer.

Maintenance instructions

LAUTEX metal ceilings are easy cleanable and almost maintenance-free. They are manufactured using 0,4 – 0,7 mm aluminium or steel (coil or sheet), depending of the product type. The durable and anticorrosive surface finish is obtained by using polyester paint or by anodising of aluminium (alternatively galvanised steel). All LAUTEX surface types are very resistant and durable.

For removal of possible stains, the ceiling surface can be cleaned by using a soft cotton cloth moistened with mild soap based detergent or neutral household cleaner (ph 7). Wipe off by using a dry soft cloth. To remove grease, use a purified alcohol based product.

For dust removal use soft brush or vacuum cleaner with soft-brushed head.

Ceilings with mirror finishing or with other delicate surfaces please use cotton gloves when handling in order to prevent visible grease stains or finger marks.

Even though the LAUTEX ceilings are very durable, never use grinding or polishing or other strong detergents or sharp tools for cleaning.

To access the technical spaces behind the ceiling construction, and in cases where there are no service hatches or any easily removable panels available, then the dismantling of the ceilings should be carried out by professional installation company or strictly according to LAUTEX installation instructions, which vary according to the specific ceilings.

Attention: Use dry cleaning only when cleaning perforated ceilings with acoustic felt inlay (the acoustic felt may be get damaged by moisture or water)

Open maintenance instructions

If you have any questions, please contact our technical sales support.

Installation instructions

Installation instructions for different types of suspended metal ceilings